Speaking at the closing ceremony of a special one week workshop held for regional training officers at the BDF Paragon Base, acting Chief of Staff of the Barbados Defence Force, Commander Dave Dowridge  praised the efforts made by the team from December 12 to 18, 2005. The session was convened to establish a regional cadet training manual to be used by all cadet forces.

Training officers from eight countries met to compile the first ever regional manual. The effort was also highly praised by Commandant of the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force, Colonel Edison Isaac who visited and addressed the group on the last day of the conference. Col Isaac is the current chairman of the regional Commandants Conference.

Lt Col Trevor Browne, commandant of the Barbados cadet Corps, addressed the opening ceremony and in a well publicised address,   called on the officers to be creative and relevant in conceptualising the manual for cadet training in this modern time.

The officers produced a complete set of manuals from star 1 to star 4 level of training and also committed themselves to promoting the manual's use in their home units. Training has been specially selected to suit the region and as time goes by, they will be further customized and more manuals covering additional areas of training will be produced.

The officers also attended the annual Christmas dinner of officers of the Barbados Defence Force which took the form of a cocktail reception at the Officer's Mess, St Ann's Fort, that facilitated the visiting officers interacting with a large number of local colleagues at the function.

Altogether the Exercise has been outstandingly successful and it has probably exceeded the expectations of the regions' commandants who mandated the workshop at the last Conference of Caribbean Cadet Commandants which was held in Trinidad in July 2005.